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The links presented on this page are to the websites of our friend's and collaborators.

A really useful and informative publication about Japanese gardens and architecture - Journal of Japanese Gardening –

Full line of Japanese tea ceremony utensils and more – Tea Circle –

Quality Japanese Tools –

Traditional Japanese doors and screens –

Japanese tools, and specialized materials and hardware – Aquastone, 819 Stannage Ave, Albany, CA 94706, (510) 525-8948

Landscape designs –

Traditional redwood cedar and teak wooden hot tubs and Japanese ofuros –

Japanese tools and implements:
Suzuki san really knows Japanese tools and all kinds of other things about Japanese architecture, and we at East Wind recommend her highly if you are looking for really great stuff at a reasonable price. Particularly she has access to very high quality hand made carpenter’s tools, hardware, light fixtures, sharpening stones, garden tools, plaster, kitchen knives and scissors.

Beautifully made custom Japanese hardware of all types –

Japanese carpenter tools and hardware –

Japanese tools and handmade Japanese hardware –

The finest collections of Japanese art and tansu –

Beautiful and meticulously made furniture using difficult-to-find materials which are very carefully used in some really lovely designs –

Douglas Brooks builds traditional American and Japanese boats, having
apprenticed with four different craftsmen in Japan learning the secrets
of wasen, the traditional Japanese boat –

Catering, cooking and food in the Bay Area, specializing in Japanese cuisine using locally produced and organically grown ingredients. Trained in Japan and at Chez Pannise in Berkeley. Sylvan's web site address is

Aya took most of the photos on this web site, as well as for Building the Japanese House Today, and this very simple and elegant web site shows her other work. Her web site is

These people supply both gas and wood-fired water heaters very useful for heating a Japanese hot tub, or simply to produce hot water in a remote location. Web site address is:

Makers of ofuro, Japanese bath tubs, etc. and

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