Traditional Japanese Architecture, Design & Woodworking

Books & Articles that Include or Are about East Wind


The New Asian Home, Kendra Langeteig, Gibbs Smith, 2008.

Building the Japanese House Today, Peggy Rao and Len Brackett with photos by Aya Brackett, Harry Abrams Press, N.Y.,. Fall of 2005. 220 pages or so. This is a book about how the classical architecture of Japan is being modified by East Wind to make it meet the architectural expectations of westerners who require the house to be warm, to conform to building codes and who may want to use furniture in their houses. 220 pages, 20 pages of detailed drawings, charts of proportions, and about 150 color photos of our work. This book traces the entire process of building one house, starting with the design process and following the house all the way through to completion. Chapters on Design, Precise Drawings, Wood, Joinery, Groundwork and Framework, and Contemporary Refinements, with a final chapter On Being an Apprentice. Available at Amazon. About $40.00.

Fire Places - A practical guide to fireplaces and stoves indoors and out, Jane Gitlin, Taunton Press, 2006.

The Japanese Bath, Bruce Smith and Yoshiko Yamamoto, Gibbs-Smith, 2001.

Built-In Furniture—A gallery of design ideas for the home, Jim Tolpin, Taunton Press, 1997. Discussion of two of our design twists on traditional Japanese architectural forms.
Nature on View, Peggy Rao&Jean Mahoney, photography by Sakuma Toshiaki, Weatherhill (Shufunotomo), 1993.

The Timber Frame House, Benson, Taunton Press, 1988.
Shoji, Van Arsdale, Kodansha Press, 1988.
Craftsmen-Style Houses, The Editors, The Taunton Press, 1991 or 92(?).

Great Houses, The editors, The Taunton Press, 1990 (?)

Japanese Joinery, Nakahara, Cloudburst Press, 1983. Len Brackett wrote the forward for the book and acted as a consultant for it.
The Good House, Silverstein and Winslow, Taunton Press, 1990 or 91.
American Houses, Philip Langdon, Stewart Tabori and Chang, 1987.

Houtnieuws, third trimester edition, 2008.
Journal of Japanese Gardening, multiple articles and commentary on our work and opinions.
Spa Finder, May/June, 2007.
California Home and Design, December, 2006.
Timber Framers Guild of North America, calendar for the year 2000, May and October.
Town and Country, December, 1998 issue. A three page article about a guest house recently completed in Marin County.
Forbes Magazine, Jan, 1996.
Northern California Home and Garden, February, 1993.
SF, sometime fall, 1991.
Nevada County Business News, Jan.-Feb., 1991.
Owner Builder, issue No. 8.
Practical Homeowner, June, 1988 article about best crafted homes.

Juutaku Kenchiku (residential architecture), a nineteen page perspective of our work appeared in this Japanese architectural magazine which particularly covers the traditional architecture of Japan.
Sacramento, January, 1982.

Fine Homebuilding, cover article, December-January, 1988.
Fine Homebuilding, cover article, August-September, 1981.
Custom Builder, April, 1988.
Northern California Home and Garden, multiple articles with photos of our work, Feb., 1990
Progressive Architecture, August, 1989
Esquire, March, 1985.
Fine Woodworking, Summer 1980—article about temporary building techniques.

Sacramento Bee, S.F. Examiner, and Chronicle, LA Times, New York Times, Nevada County Union, Marin County Independent Journal, City Life (Tokyo), Auburn Journal, Examiner Sunday paper, Brockton (Ma) Enterprise, Rocky Mtn News (Denver)

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